Kaykedolls  Kiwi
Pre-Order Open !!!!







Kiwi will be $175 plus calculated shipping.

She is 20cm tall and wears 6/7 Wigs and 16mm eyes.



Production time of about 2 months.

She is an artist cast. This means I am molding and casting her all by myself!!!

She may have small defects such as seamlines or air bubbles. However, I will be quality checking each piece to make sure that any defects are hidden or minimal.

I will be offering discounts for imperfect casts!



She will be available in ANY color you want!!!

Payment Options:

$175 total


$75 Deposit, $100 due when ready to ship.

$60 faceup

$20 mani/pedi

$10 Eyes



Height: 20cm

Head: 16.5cm

Eyes: 16mm

Chest: 9cm

Waist: 6.5cm

Hips: 14cm


What’s included:

Kiwi Doll, Carry Bag, and Certificate of Authenticity.



Order Form

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