Hairless Rat BJD



Adopt a Rat !
Orders always welcome!


This little guy (or girl!) is 35cm long from nose to tail. He is the size of a real rat, and fits comfortably in your hand. His favorite snacks include frozen peas and yogurt! He costs $250 and is made out of white 3D printed material. He will come with 2 faces, open eyes and sleeping- and he sure does love sleeping!


Available in White Strong and Flexible 3D Printing Material from Shapeways.

I can also  paint the rat into a normal skin tone for $150.

I can paint him realistically,  based on your own rats, or I can paint him as a normal BJD.


Purchase Options:
$250 blank doll, CoA, 2 faceplates, travel bag
$150 full body paint
$20 face and eyes only
Plus shipping — calculated when ready to ship.
Production time of 1 month. Professionally printed by Shapeways.

Payment Options:
Full Payment OR
$160 deposit, remaining balance due 1 month from order.


To adopt a rat,  please fill out this form! I will send you a PayPal Invoice after receiving your order.



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