My name is Kayla Knadle and I am a 25 year old self employed artist residing in San Marcos, TX.

I have been artistic ever since I can remember- from stealing the continuous stationary printer paper and strewing it along the house with my crayon drawings as a child; to using art as an outlet for the hardships I’ve endured in my life– Which may explain why my work is a bit dark and strange to some.

The nickname Kayke (prounounced “cake” ) was given to me by a toddler because she wasn’t able to pronounce my name yet! Ever since then, the name has stuck with me and grown with me just as my love for art has. Strangely, I was never a huge fan of dolls  (or dresses) when I was a kid, but now look at me! Absolutely obsessed with dresses, makeup, dolls…

I guess I was making up for lost time.

I’ve been painting BJDs for many years now, but it only occurred to me during the past few months that I can combine my love of art and painting with dolls. I had viewed painting dolls as a completely separate category from painting! I felt proficient in drawing and painting, but I beat myself up for not doing it everyday- but I paint dolls almost everyday! I had liked sculpting but I never took the idea past a sculpture. Until recently, I wasn’t sure where I was going.

I recently took the title of Doll Artisan. I feel that this term encapsulates how much passion I have for art and dolls. I have figured out a way to use my degree and knowledge and apply it to what was once just a hobby for me. Now, I have a path and goals that I didn’t have before!

BFA 2013 Fine Arts Columbus College of Art and Design
Area(s) of Specialization: Oil Painting

2011 – Charles Hall Memorial Scholarship
2009 – 44k CCAD Scholarship
2009 – 18th District Congressional Art Awards – 1st place (Arizona)
2009 – VFW Art Awards – 1st Place County (Arizona)
2008 – 18th District Congressional Art Awards – 1st place (Arizona)
2008 – VFW Art Awards – 1st Place County (Arizona)

Exhibition Record
2010 131st Annual Student Exhibition Columbus, OH
2013 Solo Thesis Exhibition Columbus, OH
2014 July Show at Wake the Dead Coffee House San Marcos, TX
2015 May Doll&Bear Show Austin, TX
2015 Ball Jointed Doll Convention Austin, TX
2016 May Doll&Bear Show Austin, TX
2016 Doll A-Kon Dallas, TX
2016 Ball Jointed Doll Convention Austin, TX

Past Employment
2011 Freelance Illustrator at SBC Advertising
– Bed, Bath, and Beyond Christmas Catalog 2011

Current Emplyment
2013 to Present – Doll Artisan


2012 The Disaster Syndicate Band Logo
2012 Cayur EP Album Cover
2012 Antipode Comic Character Design
2012 Indestructible Noise Command Album Cover
2013  Indestructible Noise Command Limited Edition T-Shirt Design
2013 Cayur EP Album Cover
2014 Cayur EP Album Cover
Freelance Commissions 2008-Present
Freelance Doll Customizations 2009-Present